The Secret Word is No Longer Secret

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Secret word is no longer secret because....
Its on Almeda "Black Wall Street"
Its a cultural experience where young people destroy the mic with the loveliest of love poems and the angriest of social poems. Every tuesday night at 8 pm. Filled with college students, and a sprinkle of older adults. Did i mention the venue...omg, this amazing place has it all. Ambiance is soo soulful. The walls are drapped with cool splashes of coffee colored paint, and hanging are some amazing pieces of music inspired art.
Nefirtari is the lovely lady who promotes the event. A poet herself, she always has a deep, and meaningful poem at the end of the showcase.
This is not a new poetry night. It has only moved from Wings and Wings to Cafe 4212. I am glad it has, because Cafe 4212 is a first class venue.
Come by and check it out.
$3 cover for students
$5 for non students
Performers sign up between 7-8

Oh yeah, and the food is excellent. Menu is short, usually limited to a few items, but its very good. Kabobs were on the menu last night, and it was a good amount of food for a small amount.

Im gonna get back to it!

Monday, July 27, 2009

It feels sooo good to be back!
I just want to let all of you know, that i will be back in action.
I need to start writing.

So stick and stay with urbnlgnd