YOU ARE GOD! Blogging at TSU!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

As you walk into the Jesse H. Jones School of Business and have a seat in your class room, and hope that no one has sat in your seat that you strategically selected in the beginning of the semester solely because it was directly in front of a wall socket. You eye your seat, and take a sigh of relief that you will maintain your sanity, because your seat is there and ready for your warm embrace.

As you swing your backpack off of your shoulder, you are stricken with a day-dream-able notion, that you are a GOD! You are literally carrying the weight of the World on your shoulder blades. The laptop that you are about to pull out of your bag is more than just pounds of plastic, metal, and God knows what other semi-toxic materials.

It is a portal to almost every iota of information in the past 2000 years at your fingertips. The internet has evolved greatly in recent years. Since the middle of the previous decades, words like Blog, and Tweets have crowded pop culture to the point where they were unavoidable. Even to the baby boomer generation who in a lack-luster attempt to be “with it” would let their off-spring know they will be checking out their “Face Space” and their “Tweeterer Accounts”. But since these awkward times for the older generation, great strides have been made, and they are beginning to embrace these social mediums at our very own Texas Southern.

In effort to reach the student body in a social-media media style that we are use to, They have the noble, but misguided idea to get rid of our current system Blackboard, and incorporate all of that data into a blog. I personally think that is a good idea, but it will not be efficient because blogs are not as interactive as, let’s say a Social Media site like Facebook. So therefore, I think there are some better options that can be explored before a blog is decided upon by the University Administration.