The Factor of Least Interest

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good afternoon world!
DJ UrbnLgnd is bi Polar...and he has 2 completely different personalities.
There is joseph, the me that will emerge when i completely mature
and there is JOE-P, the Me, that is quick to act and slow to think.

SO yeah, what that had to do with anything....idk, just wanted to introduce all of me to ya'll!!!

so currently, im enjoying the Terrence Howard Album "Shine Through It"

and i finally got passed the first 4 tracks, and heard "ITS ALL GAME"

wow, this brotha dropped some KNOWLEDGE on relationships

Go listen to it! its highly intriguing.

So today, i feel real studious. Like i got to get my life in order, finally shake off the binding spirit of laziness and grasp the opportunities that face me.
Im gonna work on my dj swag. I need to get out there, and make some more dj connects. Its all in front of me....i just need to grab it and seize the experiences that i can get.

To more music...
kanye released the "Love LockDown" video
and as soon as i can get a clear video of it, i will post it to the blog.
and many more videos to come.

So question of the day.....Why do my brothas go for quantity and not quality?
and the sub question...are men naturally polygamist? Is it biologically rational for us to be monogamous?